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Santas with their MountainLink Trolley Bus spread the Yulefest message to the people of Sydney in Pitt Street Mall

The Story of Yulefest

Once upon a time, in Australia's beautiful Blue Mountains when the snow lay round about, deep and crisp and even, in the depths of Winter when the icicles glistened and the log fires crackled, a group of (fairly) wise men came from far off Ireland.  They were staying in a grand old Mountains Guesthouse and being Irish they said beggorahh! or something like, "It feels just like Christmas time at home."  "Mine host, prepare us some turkey and stuffing and plum pudding if you would and serve it round the fire." 

So was born 'Yulefest' 
THE Winter Xmas Party!


Yulefest Holly

Since those early days many more wise men and ladies and children from Australia and all over the world have travelled to the Blue Mountains every June, July and August to enjoy a Northern Hemisphere style 'Christmas in Winter'.

Besides the crisp Blue Mountains' air and great hospitality, revellers have enjoyed mulled wine and egg nog by the gallon, pulled bon-bons and worn silly hats, eaten turkey, ham, plum pudding and mince pies till they could burst, sat on Santa's knee, sung carols round the fire till they were hoarse and drunk enough port to fill Sydney harbour.

Along the way they have had the doubtful experience of meeting the 'Hairy Fairy', had dinner with that naughty Reg Livermore in all his incarnations, been under the tables during a wartime air raid, danced like crazy to the 'Heartbeats', had a 'Fawlty Yulefest', been shot at by bushrangers, tried (and given up) to work out 'Who Killed Santa Claus' (all seven of them) and been served by the crazy 'Manuel' (he's from Barcelona you know!).  Those wanting a quieter or more 'refined' time have enjoyed world-class fine dining, private house parties, grand black tie balls and delightful carols round the grand piano.  Most of all they have been to some of the greatest parties of all time at 'Yulefest' in Australia's beautiful, world heritage listed, Blue Mountains.


YulefestReindeer & Sleigh
Join in the fun and festivities of this unique celebration.
 Yulefest Christmas Present
Choose your favourite Yulefest venue and discover why Winter is one of the Blue Mountains' most popular Seasons.
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Yulefest Holly

Yulefest Venues
 Yulefest Holly

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